HoverSeat Deluxe

$129.00 $299.00


New Ultimate Sitting Attachment for hoverboards - HoverSeat Deluxe™.

New hoverboard sitting attachment now comes with a handle bar and molded seat!

Next step in HoverSeat family of hands free scooters is HoverSeat Deluxe. Not only it comes with comfortable plastic molded chair, but it also have a handle bar add-on that allows extra support and safety for rider. Handle bar add-on purpose is to hold on to it, or lean on it. It is not designed for steering. HoverSeat is a hand free mobility solution, and therefore steering done by feet only, which is very easy and intuitive.

What makes HoverSeat Deluxe unique, is an ability to replace provided molded seat with other type of optional seats of your choice. Most type of folding seats or even bike type casting seat can be installed on top of HoverSeat Deluxe frame. HoverSeat Deluxe has 4 holes that matches standard position of holes on most boat folding seats of fishing casting seats. With fishing casting seat installed, HoverSeat looks like a 4-wheels bicycle.

In addition, swivel platform and/or quick disconnect can be mounted on top of frame, to allow rotation of seat and/or its quick removal of seat with quick disconnect optional add-on. Swivel platform can also work as an adaptor between existing holes on top of frame and any type of folding seat available on a market, in case if holes does not match exactly, as some minor variations are possible. 

HoverSeat Deluxe with handle bar add-on installed can be outfitted with various bicycle auto market accessories available anywhere. Bottle holder, bike bell, front light, rear light, cell phone holders and bike bags can be mounted all over handle bar and HoverSeat frame. Handle bar post has a quick release that allow easy removal of handle bar fro portable storage into smaller cars. Optional quick dicsonnect allows easy removal of seat for portable storage.

If battery of hoverboard run low while you are on a road, then hoverboard can be loaded on top of seat, and carried forward to charge stations, using HoverSeat as a push cart. Wheeled cargo, such as hand carts, utility carts, shopping carts, etc can be attached behind HoverSeat Deluxe to pull behind.


What is included with a HoverSeat Deluxe?

  • Aluminum frame with 2 ball bearing wheels and Patent Pending HoverClamp.
  • Light Gray plastic molded seat.
  • Handle bar add-on.
  • Plastic clamp for round center hoverboards incldued.
  • Hoverboard is NOT included.
  • Assembly required. Please refer to above Assembly instructions.
  • Shipping size: coming soon
  • Product weight: coming soon
  • Rider weight limit: 220 lbs.

Where to get hoverboard for HoverSeat Deluxe?

  • For best performance and riding pleasure we recommend 10" pneumatic wheels hoverboard. It provides softer rider over pavement and better off-road capability. You can purchase inexpensive 10" hoverboard on Ebay, Amazon, or just search Google for 10" hoverboard. Please note that hoverboard must have round middle to work with our clamp.


HoverSeat Deluxe - Premium Attachment for Hoverboards.


HoverSeat XL clamp works ONLY with these 2 types of hoverboards with ROUND middle. Will NOT work with Swagtron T2, T3.