We created the patent pending HoverSeat to solve the problems of hoverboards. We know that hoverboards are unsafe, so HoverSeat created a new, fun & safe mode of transportation that virtually anyone can drive. The HoverSeat is comfortable, versatile and has many practical uses.

How it works

Step 1

Take a Hover Board

Step 2

Add our HoverSeat
with the beach chair

Step 3


The Details

how it works

HoverSeat just takes a few seconds to install. It attaches to your hoverboard (right now, just the 6 and 10 inch wheel base with Circular Center). Add a beach chair and strap it in and voila! You're off using the HoverSeat. More importantly, you are safe.

Easy to Drive
Easy to Drive

Navigate the hoverboard using only your feet; it can even go in reverse. The HoverSeat can be used on or off-road, and can ride over grass, gravel, and packed sand.

So Versatile
So Versatile

You can attach a cooler, kayak, paddleboard, groceries and even another HoverSeat to get around. There are so many uses for the HoverSeat.


You can attach your favorite beach chair to the HoverSeat, strap it in, and you're off. Here is how the HoverSeat and the Aluminum chair look together.